Vinaya Vidheya Rama Review

2 Hr 26 mi | Action | 2019-01-11
CASTRam Charan, Kiara Advani, Vivek Oberoi, Prashanth, Sneha, Aryan Rajesh and others

Director – Boyapati Srinu
Producer – DVV Danayya
Banner – DVV Entertainment
Music – Devi Sri Prasad




What is it about?

Ram (Charan) is raised alongside his vagrant siblings (Prashanth, Aryan Rajesh and others) by a specialist (Chalapathi Rao). Nothing is essential to Ram other than the welfare of his siblings. He will do anything for guarding them. Be that as it may, a trouble maker named Rajabhai Munna (Vivek Oberoi) disturbs him and how Ram takes him on is what pursues.


Smash Charan is in brute mode with inked body and swelling biceps in the film. This is the most extreme character he has ever done and he does full equity to it. His moves for DSP’s customary tunes make them watchable. Kiara Advani is glamarous and is as fiery as Charan in the move numbers.

Vivek Oberoi looks polished and gives an unobtrusive execution in spite of all the uproar around him. Sneha is strangely uproarious as is Prashanth. Aryan Rajesh gets an immaterial job and he couldn’t establish a connection. Hema and Prudhvi’s parody is flinch commendable.


Boyapati Sreenu is known for making impeccable masala potboilers, yet his bearing goes astray in this one. He is unquestionably not taking care of business while writing the content for VVR. He couldn’t compose a better than average plot around the activity scenes. He made a point to have each feeling in the story, however none could have an effect because of poor composition and execution.

Devi Sri Prasad’s music is average, best case scenario. Not by any means one melody is appealing and the foundation score leaves a ton to be wanted. Cinematography is alright and the discourse could have been something more. Altering is awkward. Creation esteems are great. The film is made on a high spending plan in eye getting areas.

Thumbs Up:


A couple of rise scenes

Thumbs Down:

Frail story

Cumbersome screenplay

Over the best activity

Silly scenes


Boyapati Sreenu in charge can guarantee an economically reasonable film, however not constantly. Indeed, even he could turn out badly with his equation and Vinaya Vidheya Rama is a proof for it. Boyapati likes to chip away at the activity scenes before finishing the content. This time he had this wild thought of one man going up against a multitude of awful men. The thought itself is over the best and Boyapati didn’t endeavor to make it look persuading. In his eyes, a saint must pummel any number of men almost to death. Smash Konidela additionally does only that!

The story itself is a silly one without legitimate character improvement and solid circumstances to take it forward. There is a story for it, which is the reason Boyapati depends on preposterous activity to fill the void. Accordingly, Vinaya Vidheya Rama resembles a nineties activity film that challenges science and rationale in every single edge. Indeed, even the on-screen characters gives misrepresented exhibitions in the noisy scenes where going over the board is a standard.

The film goes off track first and foremost itself when a multi year old kid cuts an overwhelming looking goon. He forfeits his training for his vagrant siblings. One can’t comprehend the rationale of one kid avoiding books for four others. Such sensational and senseless are the feelings in the film that even family dramatization doesn’t make it worth viewing. Boyapati likewise incorporates satire into the setup, however the funniness is terrible. There is definitely not a legitimate sentiment track for the lead match.

There is completely zero story in the film, which is loaded with lead scenes to a tune or a battle. Vinaya Vidheya Rama isn’t a film that performing artists would be pleased being a piece of. Indeed, even diehard fans would think that its hard to sit through the overdose of masala. Tragic to see Ram Charan picking a dreary film like this one in the wake of rediscovering himself as a performing artist with Rangasthalam. Not by any means merry season could spare this failure


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