Teri Meri Kahani : Full Song

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When Rano Mondal was 20 years old, she used to sing at a club. At that time she was known by the name Rano Bobby. She left singing at the club long ago because her family doesn’t care about this invitation. After the death of her better half, she returned to her hometown and began to sing at a railway station to earn cash for her living. Ranu used to sing at Ranaghat Station in West Bengal which many people have seen so far. Rano sang a lot of old tunes. One day, Atendra Chakraborty, a software engineer, saw her great voice. Atinder, make a melody video and place it via online media. In Rano’s video he sang Lata Mangeshkar’s song, “Ekk Pyar Ka Nagma Hai”. The video got medium-range viruses and its voice was highly regarded by ordinary people and even by celebrities.


Rano Mondal with Atendra Chakraborty at the airport.

After seeing her fame, Sony Entertainment TV Channel welcomed her to Superstar Singer, Reality Show. Intrigued by her voice, Himesh Reshammiya exhibited her melody in his cinematic image. Long before Himesh recorded the tune of “Terry Meri Kahani” with Rano Mondal for his film, “Optimistic of Hardy and Hare.” Atendra was also in the studio when Rano was recording a melody for Himesh. Later, Rano got performances for the melodies of many other music directors and got contracts for melodic performances. After Rano’s investigation into Bollywood, her daughter returned and confessed to her singing calls.

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