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Taxiwala Story: A happy-go-lucky bachelor moves to town in search of a job. When nothing works for him, he decides to become a taxi driver for a living. On his hunt for a car, he stumbled upon an old car. He gives it a makeover and the car changes his luck. However, his happiness is short-lived as he soon realizes that the car exists.

Taxiwala Review: There is a thin line between creepy, unintentionally funny or straight lame. This is why supernatural thrillers are often the most difficult to execute. Directors have to be more flamboyant, often confusing a straightforward story. Director Rahul Sankrityayan saw this fine line with his latest film Taxiwala. The film completely entertains in parts but cheats as it moves forward. The director’s tendency to transcend the film’s pace and supernatural element works towards the undoing of Taxiwala.

The film revolves around Siva (Vijay Deverakonda), who wants to become a cab driver to earn money and help his elder brother and his pregnant wife. When he struggles to find a car within his budget, he stumbles upon an old vintage car, which is for sale, but no taker. For Shiva, this is his ideal car. “A car with a character,” he calls it. He gives it a change and with it, his life changes completely. He starts making money and even gets a girlfriend (Priyanka Javalkar). However, his happiness is short-lived as he soon realizes that the car exists.

Taxiwala takes a while to get going, but in a few moments of the film’s progress, mainly thanks to Vijay Deverakonda, who is present with his comic timing. The scene where he discovers that his car is a ghost, but decides to make peace with it, is absolutely hilarious. Supernatural elements attempt to give a certain logic and meaning rather than random moments of ghosts trying to scare the audience, and this is a welcome sign. There is a certain depth to the statement that is usually missing in supernatural films, which makes Taxiwalla stand out from the rest.

Unfortunately, as the film progresses, it also changes a bit. Lots of time is spent on flashbacks, analyzing the reason behind a car. There is a scientific explanation given, and the author gives us the concept of astral projection, where the body is separated from the soul. Some jargon could have been simplified, as the film shies away from the story of Shiva, the most entertaining part of Taxiwala. Rahul is caught between trying to tell the story of Shiva and the story of Sisira (Malavika Nair) and somewhere, the taxiwala loses her identity. Humor begins to twitch as the proceedings become complex, and some attempts at comedy – as the body falls into the morgue – lie flat. The climax is also predictive and melodramatic.

Taxiwala Full Movie In Telugu


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