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Sahaho History: Huge empire, pledge crises and too many villains. No one can be trusted. In this way will the balance of power be restored and can one do everything necessary to restore the balance of power and defeat the bad?

Saaho Review: You probably know the answer to the above question, but screenwriter-director Sujeeth walks you through a maze of twists and turns before getting there. Noted as the biggest action thriller, “Saaho” enters action mode quite early. The film starts with wide angles of massive structures and gloomy looking men that signify serious business. In the first half, the story travels through the cities, trying to link high-profile robberies in Mumbai and the search for a missing black box, which is the key to wealth. Enter the leading Prabhu man on the high-octane thunder film, which sets the stage for many more such confrontations. With his soaring screen presence, Prabha fits the bill into this larger-than-life role. However, his Bahubali charm is somewhat lacking as he looks tired. Providing him with dialogue is definitely slow, but it works for the most part, as his character is multifaceted and always keeps the viewer guessing. Shradda Kapoor looks glamorous, but her character is poorly sketched. Introduced as a stubborn talking cop, it soon becomes a responsibility that must often be saved rather than save the world. Even the chemistry between the lead couple is lacking.

Among the many villains, Chunkey Pandey stands out with a very convincing portrayal of his evil character. The rest of them are just cartoons that fail to make an impact. The music of the movie is a robber, but untimely songwriting only adds to the long running time. Attempts to breathe humor fail as none of the jokes land.

Saaho‘ certainly delivers adrenaline pumping extravagance. The second half of the film is picking up pace but is overshadowed by a weak narrative that requires a constant halt to disbelief. Also, the special effects and CGI often lack the finesse that a movie mounted on such a large scale deserves.

Overall, ‘Saaho‘ is quite the scorer who shoots in all directions in an attempt to entertain the audience. But with a weak storyline, too many twists and juvenile executions, this is ultimately a missed opportunity.