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Nayanthara is being called as Lady Superstar

Nayanthara is being called as Lady Superstar by Kollywood media and her fans. The on-screen character has been producing a progression of blockbusters and that too with female arranged movies. Nonetheless, after Anamika, Nayan has scarcely acted in a straight Telugu film which had her in a urgent job. Yet, …

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Allu Arjun Missed Rajamouli Son Wedding

In spite of bits of gossip that Allu Arjun has not been welcome to Rajamouli child’s wedding, it is discovered that Allu Arjun has a pre-arranged occasion that deflected him from going to the wedding of Karthikeya Koduri, child of Rajamouli. Allu Arjun and family has traveled to abroad for …

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