Mr. Majnu Movie Review Rating

2 Hr 25 mi | Romance | 2019-01-25

CASTAkhil Akkineni, Nidhi Agarwal, Naga Babu, Rao Ramesh, Subbaraju, Adhi, Priyadarshi and others

Director – Venky Atluri
Producer – BVSN Prasad
Banner – Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Music – S. Thaman



Akhil Akkineni’s Mr. Majnu is a sentimental show coordinated by Tholi Prema acclaim Venky Atluri. The executive has by and by demonstrated his direction over taking care of sentiment shows. Mr. Majnu has enough diversion and show to bring the principal hit for Akhil.

What is it about?

Vicky otherwise known as Vikram Krishna (Akhil) has an issue with long-lasting connections. Regardless of knowing his coy disposition, Nikki (Nidhi) succumbs to him. Be that as it may, Vicky couldn’t respond the affection to Nikki and they independent. Presently Vicky understands his adoration for Nikki and goes to win her back.


Akhil is a la mode, smooth and especially authentic as the person who can win any young lady. Other than his attractive looks and fit constitution, Akhil has thought of a decent execution as Vicky. He has the ability and demeanor to go up against the best. Nidhi Agarwal is attractive however the character requests a superior entertainer. Priyadarshi and Adhi offers humor as the legend’s sidekicks in the principal half and second half separately. All the senior on-screen characters like Nagababu, Sitara and Rao Ramesh have worked superbly. Subbaraju is great as the extreme looking person with a delicate heart.


Venky Atluri is sufficiently gifted to make a standard story work with his account abilities. His story doesn’t offer any freshness, yet the treatment makes it click with perfectly sprinkled feelings and elegantly composed exchange. He knows the components that would click with the young and furthermore completes a fine employment in taking care of feelings.

Thaman who had completed an astounding activity in Tholi Prema has inspired with his work once more. Mr. Majnu has some great tunes and a fine foundation score. Cinematographer George C. Williams cinematography is the feature. The shading palette and the warm tones make it a lovely review involvement. Altering is alright and the generation esteems are rich.


Mr. Majnu is a clear film that can be effectively speculated by anyone where it is gone to. It has an anticipated storyline with a genuine young lady falling for a coy person. The separation and fix up likewise could be speculated straightaway. In spite of the anticipated plot and the screenplay, Mr. Majnu works in view of the elegantly composed scenes and great feelings. In spite of the fact that the movie is transcendently about the contrasts between the kid and young lady, executive Venky works the family feelings around in an amazing way.

The greatest test for the chief is to persuade the watchers about the genuine young lady falling for a person with such a ‘free’ character. What’s more, Venky has completed an enormous activity in making so. There are some fine scenes between Akhil, Rao Ramesh and Jaya Prakash that will inspire an emotional response with the watchers. Additionally the non-responsibility of the hero’s character towards the female hero has been built up well.

First half is extremely engaging and amazing, however the second half takes the standard course like many romantic tales. There is an endeavor to make it engaging with the presentation of couple of clever characters like an energized child, Adhi and Subbaraju. Nonetheless, the fun remainder isn’t sufficient to neglect the platitudes. In any case, what works is Akhil’s genuine execution and well thoroughly considered discourse that spares the film from losing the enthusiasm of watchers. Venky works superbly in tying the remaining details and closure the film on a passionate note.

Mr. Majnu has a decent soundtrack that is an absolute necessity for any romantic tale to work, cool visuals and popular characters that click with the contemporary gathering of people. Regardless of the buzzwords and been-there-seen-that intrigue, Mr. Majnu for the most part works for its earnestness and straightforwardness. On the movies front, it should work in A focuses better contrasted with the B and C focuses.

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