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Yatra Movie Review

Yatra-Movie-Review2 Hrs 6 Mi | Biopic | 2019-02-08

CASTMammootty, Jagapathi Babu, Suhasini, Rao Ramesh, Totapalli Madhu, Posani and others

Director – Mahi V. Raghav
Producer – Vijay Chilla, Sasi Devireddy
Banner – 70 MM Entertainments
Music – K Krishna Kumar



Yatra isn’t a biopic of YS Rajasekhara Reddy. It is a delineation of one of the urgent stages in his political profession that helped him to win despite seemingly insurmountable opposition. The film just spotlights on YSR’s Pada Yatra and the choices he made subsequent to connecting intimately with individuals.

What is it about?

Rajasekhara Reddy (Mammootty) chooses to begin Pada Yatra when the decision party chooses to go for early surveys. Amid pada yatra, Rajasekhara Reddy comes to think about the predicament of agriculturists and needy individuals. The film is an accumulation of scenes which lead YSR to present numerous welfare conspires that inevitably lead him to control.


Mammootty doesn’t attempt to copy or look like YSR by any means. With the exception of the hand signals Mammootty does it in his very own style yet at the same time bring realness and influences us to trust that he is the Rajasekhar Reddy. His execution and screen nearness are Yatra’s fundamental features. Rao Ramesh as KVP is great. Totapalli Madhu’s impersonation as VH is eminent and gives lighthearted element in this generally genuine dramatization. Sachin Kedekar is great and Posani establishes a connection. Jagapathi Babu plays a flicker and miss appearance as Raja Reddy.


Executive Mahi V. Raghav is by all accounts an enthusiastic admirer of YSR. He demonstrates him as the dynamic chief who managed terms to High Command. Mahi recounts the story behind Pada Yatra in his very own point of view. He did well in getting the feelings right and the unpretentious heights will please YSR fans.

Music by K is exceptionally customary. There are abundant melodies however none is snappy. Indeed, even the foundation score is disappointing. Discoursed are extremely great. Cinematography is good. Altering could have been something more. There are such huge numbers of hauls and hops in the second hour. Generation esteems are perfect.

Thumbs Up:

Mammootty’s execution

Thotapalli Madhu as VH

Better than average First Half

Passionate peak

Thumbs Down:

Excessively sensational on occasion

Moderate pace

An abundant excess Cinematic freedom


YSR biography can possibly be made as a total biopic. Be that as it may, chief Mahi V. Raghav concentrated just upon the Pada Yatra and the feelings that YSR may have experienced while interfacing with individuals. The film’s primary center is after setting up the thought behind the plans presented by YSR. Long scenes are exclusively devoted for this reason.

First 50% of the film gives us a touch of presentation of YSR, the resistance head, who is searching for a chance to serve individuals. He chooses to take up Pada Yatra and on his way he gets the opportunity to associate with the agriculturists. He comes to think about their issues and guarantees to give them free power. He additionally go over the matured individuals attempting to get benefits.

There is an extremely huge arrangement that is completely committed for the introduction of the possibility of ‘Arogyasri’, one of the notorious plans presented by YSR. In the middle of the enthusiastic adventure and connections with individuals, YSR’s dynamism is appeared in the manner in which he manages the High Command. These are unquestionably misrepresented, yet gives the important kick to YSR fans. Every one of the scenes among YSR and High Command clicked because of unpretentious heading and insignificant exchange.

There are a couple of parodies on TDP too. ‘They advised me’ telephone call was utilized viably and it got pounding reaction. There are some amazing scenes and elegantly composed discourse that makes Yatra a conventional watch. In any case, the film is made with the aim of satisfying YSR fans than demonstrating the certainties. It is more similar to an individual film than a film dependent on genuine occurrences. The narrative styled introduction and over performance would confine its film industry reach.

Yatra Movie Review
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