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Trivikram Electrifying Speech Gives Goosebumps

Trivikram Electrifying Speech Gives Goosebumps


At the pre-discharge occasion of Vinaya Vidheya Rama, the most extolled discourse was given by none other than ‘wizard of words’ Trivikram. Like constantly, he let go words on gatherings of people, pushing them into colossal chuckling and bliss, subsequently making them craving more. Here are a few selections from his jolting discourse.

On Chiranjeevi’s stature

“Chiranjeevi garu has assembled a post, overcoming a thistle pricky course, and constructed paradise inside it. Today Chiranjeevi garu is our symbol and everything…

Ruler Rama, his accounts, Mahatma Gandhi, Lord Hanuman and Hanuman’s aficionado Chiranjeevi garu, are excellent. To talk about legends like Chiranjeevi, we require not scan for words.

Without taking the name of Chiranejevi garu, we can’t discuss Telugu film, south Indian motion pictures, and our history” said Trivikram.

On Chiranjeevi’s fame

“More than motivating alcoholic to fall into soberness, more than taking medications for happiness, more than prodding a young lady for twisted joy, it’s smarter to watch a film saint to get propelled and kick. Furthermore, Chiranjeevi garu is one such individual…

Subsequent to taking a gander at a notice that read he is the most noteworthy compensation getter in India, I felt glad for him as he accomplished that however being a Constable’s child. What’s more, he roused an agriculturist’s child like me to go to the film business and accomplish something” he explained.

On Rangasthalam..

“A few movies wind up super hits and blockbusters, however few movies change the manner in which producers think. Rangasthalm is one such motion picture!! Hardly any movies offer fulfillment to gatherings of people and regard to producers, Rangasthalam is such a film”, he said.

On Charan and Chiranjeevi

“A lion won’t chase for 10 days like different creatures, yet when it goes for a chase, it will chase so decidedly that different creatures will live on the remaining parts for somewhere around multi month. Charan, in the event that he hits it, he hits such firmly in the cinema world, that we have to take a gander at the outcome. Also, there is no incredible joy for a dad than to lose in the hands of his child. Chiranjeevi garu is getting a charge out of such bliss currently”, finished up Trivikram, pushing everybody into cheers and applauds.

Trivikram Electrifying Speech Gives Goosebumps
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