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Mega Prince Varun Tej starts training in boxing


Having scored a blockbuster with ‘F2’ Mega Prince Varun Tej is very mitigated. In a matter of moments he proceeded to dispatch his next ‘Valmiki’ under the course of Harish Shankar.

The ordinary shooting of the film is probably going to initiate from March thus Varun traveled to the United States. The Mega legend is getting prepared in confining Los Angeles however uncertain about whether it is for ‘Valmiki’ or any of his future undertakings.

In ‘Valmiki’ Varun is said to paper the job of a hoodlum and his job may not require a legitimate physical make-up. There are unverified reports that is Varun will all the while work for one more task and this would be coordinated by Saagar K Chandra.

Keeping these bits of gossip aside, Varun had worked a ton before ‘Tholiprema’ and is concentrating on to achieve a conditioned body. He shock us with well defined abs which he didn’t do as such far before the screen.

Mega Prince Varun Tej starts training in boxing
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