Marvel’s Avengers Official Prologue Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay footage goes through the entire prologue that begins on stage that is set for the Avengers during Avengers Day. The festivities quickly subside when there is an explosion in the distance. The game opens up for you to play as Thor as soon as you play Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and then Black Widow as the task master.

As she kills the Task Master, there is no time to celebrate as a heli-carrier that Captain America is on blast and he appears to be in an explosion. Then we get to see what it feels like at the present time because the Avengers are now disliked and disbanded by the public. There is a statue of Captain America and a memorial to all those lost on A-Day.

The game seems to have been polished from Comic-Con but we can’t really confirm it. It looks interesting but it was just the prologue and we don’t know how the main game will be played yet. However, we are very hopeful about this game and it will probably be good.