Jersey Movie Review

Jersey Movie Review

Jersey Movie Review

2 Hrs 40 M | Drama | 2019-04-19

CASTNani, Shraddha Srinath, Satya Raj, Praveen, Sampath Raj and others

Director – Gautham Tinnanuri
Producer – Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
Banner – Sitara Entertainments
Music – Anirudh Ravichander



Jersey Movie Review

Sports Dramas are extremely uncommon in Telugu film and Team Jersey has completed a credible games film with heaps of passionate minutes. It is ostensibly a standout amongst the best movies to leave Tollywood as of late.

What is it about?

Arjun (Nani) leaves cricket and agrees to a little time work. In any case, he loses the activity for reasons unknown and he relies upon his better half Sara’s (Shraddha) salary to endure. He couldn’t purchase an Indian group Jersey for his child’s birthday. Arjun chooses to restore his cricketing vocation at 36 years old to satisfy his child.


Nani is an astounding entertainer who dependably gets into the skin of the character. With Jersey he gets a creator sponsored job that is a fantasy for any on-screen character. Nani just lives in the character of Arjun that we trust that he is really a battling working class man and a fizzled cricketer. It is his profession best execution. Shraddha Srinath is generally amazing as an adoring lady who is enduring a result of an untrustworthy spouse. Her execution is characteristic. The child who played Nani’s child is lovable. Satya Raj is excessively great as the mentor. Rest of the star cast are apropos cast.


Chief Gautham Tinnanuri should be complimented for making a bona fide games film. He never veered off from the plot for business viewpoints. Every one of the feelings are certifiable and heart contacting. Each enthusiastic minute will pull the heartstrings without a doubt. This is crafted by a virtuoso.

Anirudh’s tunes are a piece of the account. There isn’t even one melody that is put for a tune. Anirudh’s experience score is the foundation of Jersey. Cinematography by Varghese is first class. Cinematography is first rate. The film’s run time is on the higher side. They could have cut for ten minutes to make it much crisper. Exchanges are on point. Creation esteems are generally amazing.


Nani’s execution

Father-Son Scenes

Foundation Score

Mental scenes


Cricket scenes are somewhat long

Moderate paced

Jersey Movie Review


Jersey is a passionate show that possibly works when it interfaces with the watcher. One can’t experience the ocean of feelings that Arjun is experiencing except if he could feel it. Nani completes a brilliant activity is setting up that interface directly from the earliest starting point. His execution is so regular and the creation configuration is perfect to the point that we witness life unfurling on the screen. The romantic tale of the lead pair is appeared in a smaller than usual flashback, yet it is the dad child holding that is the driving variable of Jersey.

Chief builds up the stressed connection of Arjun and Sara directly from the word go and each scene between them is so genuine and sets the correct mind-set for the dramatization. The scenes that lead to Arjun’s reentry into cricket are generally amazing. The story appears to be unsurprising, yet the executive overwhelms everybody with a feeling filled peak scene. The cricket scenes set aside an excess of effort to twist up, however it is required for the film as the plot depends on the game.Jersey Movie Review

The characters are scratched out so well that none of them required number of scenes to become more acquainted with about them. Essential characters are greatly composed and the holding between them is set up well. Other than the couple and father and child holding, there is a brilliant holding between a mentor and his player, which is a standout amongst the most contacting parts of the film. It’s anything but a film that is made for business purposes. It is a games dramatization with its heart in the perfect spot.Jersey Movie Review

Jersey is certainly not a normal film that is made for stimulation. It exhibits the adventure of a sportsman. It is a cut of life film that should be watched and experienced. It will most likely be associated with quite a while as a standout amongst the best movies of late occasions. Go watch it.