F2 Movie Review

2 hrs 28 m | Comedy | 2019-01-12

CASTVenkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamanna, Mehreen, Rajendra Prasad, Prakash Raj, Vennela Kishore and others

Director – Anil Ravipudi
Producer – Dil Raju
Banner – Sri Venkateswara Creations
Music – Devi Sri Prasad



F2 has been making a ton of buzz with its fun promotions. Venkatesh and Varun Tej collaborating with Anil Ravipudi, the chief known for composing eccentric satire scenes guaranteed a great deal of fun. How about we dissect if the film satisfied conveying the products.

What is it about?

Venky (Venkatesh) is a disappointed spouse who is tired of his overwhelming wife Harika (Tamanna). His future co-sibling (Varun Tej) likewise gets disappointed by his sweetheart (Honey). They both runaway to another nation to have a ton of fun and their women choose to show them a thing or two.


Venkatesh remains as the primary mainstay of solidarity for F2 with his flawless parody timing. He just claims the show while whatever remains of cast including Varun Tej encourages around him. The veteran had a great time playing the character of Venky and it is excessively amusing to watch him doing what he is best known for. Varun Tej additionally completes a not too bad occupation in the parody division. His Telangana emphasize is fine. He makes his quality felt disregarding Venkatesh’s overwhelming execution. Tamanna and Mehreen look beguiling and their exhibitions are okay. Rajendra Prasad has a great time minutes all over. Prakash Raj’s character is somewhat impossible. Pragathi and Annapurna are great as Venky’s relative and her mother by marriage individually.


Anil Ravipudi’s movies dependably had great satire scenes notwithstanding the masala components. This time he stays with completing an absolute fun performer and he is generally fruitful in making F2 a fun watch. The circumstances he has made are exceptionally clever in the main hour. He made great utilization of Venkatesh’s capacities in parody scenes. In any case, Anil Ravipudi ought to have cared more for second a large portion of that appears to be silly and disappointing to the most part.

Devi Sri Prasad has thought of unremarkable tunes once more. Everything he could do is create a couple of snare lines and fill in the spaces with conventional rhythms. There’s not a lot to expound on the foundation score as well. Altering is alright and cinematography is okay. Discoursed are fun in spots. Generation esteems are rich contrasted with late Dil Raju’s excursions.


Anil Ravipudi’s decision of giving Venkatesh a role as one of the leads has ended up being the greatest shelter for F2. The veteran genius is in fine shape as the baffled spouse. His comic planning and discourse conveyance is exceptionally enjoyable to watch. Venky runs the show in the primary half and is capably upheld by Varun Tej who likewise sparkles along by the side of the previous. First half is loaded with fun minutes which can be connected by the vast majority of the wedded individuals. Anil Ravipudi didn’t have much substance on hands however utilizes his aptitudes of making enjoyable to great impact.

First half is very silly and set exclusive standards on the post interim bits. Be that as it may, the film takes an alternate course in the second half with married couples plotting plans against one another. A couple of more characters are brought into the account. Prakash Raj’s philosophy appears to be exceptionally true to life and advantageous. In any case, we can’t anticipate that comedies should be legitimate. Albeit second half offers less fun it is alright to a degree. Peak is unsurprising with all characters winding up on a broken scaffold.

F2 is definitely not an ideal film yet has a great time minutes that can be savored by the celebration crowd. It will get the thumbs up from family groups of onlookers and furthermore the majority. You may get frustrated on the off chance that you are anticipating new story and cleaned screenplay. Be that as it may, Anil Ravipudi like dependably conveys a film that has enough to go too far. F2 additionally has enough components to score over the challenge and in this manner has opportunities to function admirably among the celebration discharges. Second half could have been exceptional yet the amusing first half nearly carries out the responsibility for it.

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