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118 Movie Review, Kalyan Ram 118 Review

118 Movie Review 3/5

2 hr 06 mi | Thriller | 2019-03-01

CASTNandamuri Kalyan Ram, Nivetha Thomas, Shalini Pandey, Prabhas Sreenu and others

Director – KV Guhan
Producer – Mahesh S Koneru
Banner – East Coast Productions
Music – Sekhar Chandra


118 caught the eye of film buffs with its drawing in and captivating promotions. The film is a puzzle spine chiller dependent on a couple of sci-fi components. Cinematographer turned executive Guhan makes a drawing in spine chiller with shocking screenplay.

What is it about?

Insightful writer Gautham (Kalyan Ram) is spooky by a fantasy in which an obscure woman (Nivetha) is slaughtered. Gautham gets inquisitive after he gets a similar dream when he remains in a similar room. Presently he is recklessly determined bowed to discover what is the riddle behind it. In the process he reveals a noteworthy restorative trick.


Kalyan Ram who is known for doing business potboilers has discarded customary masala components and floated along with the character. His execution is better than average. Nivetha gets less screen time, however she did well inside her space. Shalini Pandey doesn’t get a lot to do aside from staying nearby Kalyan Ram. Rest of the performing artists are really standard.


Being a cinematographer, KV Guhan had a reasonable vision of what to do. He didn’t sit around idly on superfluous components and made a point to keep the account locks in. The heading in the primary half is amazing. In spite of a couple of hiccups in the second half, it is a not too bad endeavor on an entire from the pro cinematographer.

Sekhar Chandra’s dazzling foundation score keeps the intrigue alive. Guhan works superbly behind the camera. Exchanges are entirely alright. Creation esteems by Mahesh Koneru are exemplary. Actually, 118 is OK in all angles.


118 has an alternate reason disregarding having regular tropes of a puzzle spine chiller. The chief doesn’t much time on whatever is pointless to the plot. It rapidly comes to the heart of the matter and keeps the intrigue alive for more often than not. First 50% of 118 is extremely great with indecent screenplay and drawing in activity scenes. The chief does well in coming to an obvious conclusion and keeping the tension component flawless until the penultimate scenes.

Second half gets somewhat tedious with such huge numbers of characters and the hero going around without getting deeply of the issue. Flashback scene depends on a therapeutic connivance like the vast majority of the riddle spine chillers. 118 loses its sheen in these bits as we are exceptionally recognizable to such situations. Clear envisioning idea shows up too threadbare at this point. Notwithstanding, in spite of the hiccups and a couple of weaknesses, 118 finishes well.

Nivetha does fine employment in keeping the passionate center unblemished. There aren’t superfluous melodies or sentiment breaks to break the stream of the screenplay. Executive has stayed with the topic at the same time and offered a genuinely captivating spine chiller on an entirety. 118 isn’t a historic or a totally unique ordeal for its watchers however has enough to keep them connected through its runtime.

118 will engage the watchers that adoration to watch spine chillers. It has fair opportunities to do well in A focuses and multiplexes. With such a large number of unremarkable movies being offered of late, 118 is a film worth investing your energy and cash.

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